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Next LA Quake

Are we getting close to the Big One? (7/8/19 CNN)
Recent West Coast earthquakes could trigger 'the Big One' (7/26/18 NY Post)
Scientists Fear 'Slow Earthquakes' Will Lead To The Next Big California Quake (Forbes 6/26/18)
California's 'Big One' IS going to happen no matter how much people deny it (5/25/17 Daily Mail)
Earthquake expert: San Andreas fault 'locked, loaded and ready to roll' (5/5/16 CNBC)

LA Quake Exodus

California earthquake: 400,000 at RISK if major quake strikes West Coast experts warn (6/4/18 Express)
The Big One could leave 250,000-400,000 quake refugees in California (6/3/18 LA Times)
Why Arizona is preparing for California's devastating quake, the 'big one' (3/24/18 San Diego Union-Tribune)
What Will Really Happen When San Andreas Unleashes the Big One? (5/28/15 Smithsonian)
Flashback: Deciding to Escape Los Angeles: The Earthquake Tipped the Scale (2/18/94 NY Times)

Hayward Fault

Here's what to expect when the Big One hits the Hayward Fault (4/19/18 Curbed San Francisco)
New study finds Hayward fault ready to explode (4/18/18 KRON 4)
Scientists issue alarming new prediction for Hayward Fault (4/18/18 ABC 7)

San Andreas Fault

15-mile stretch of San Andreas Fault in SoCal could be 'ground zero' for B'Big One' (6/21/18 KABC 7)
Earthquake hits San Andreas 'Big One' fault line three times in SAME place in California (4/1/18 Express)
What You'll Find Along the San Andreas Fault (3/28/18 NBC 4)

Puente Hills Fault

Quake science a mystery along Puente Hills fault (4/1/14 Orange County Register)
7.5 Temblor On Puente Hills Thrust Fault Would Be 'The Quake From Hell' (3/30/14 CBS 2)
Major quake on Puente Hills thrust fault could be worse than San Andreas (3/30/14 UPI)

Newport-Inglewood Fault

Living with the Newport-Inglewood Fault (7/21/18 South Bay Daily Breeze)
A 7.4 Quake in Southern California? A Long Fault Could Make It Likelier (3/27/17 New York Times)
Geologist: West LA Fault Line Might Slice All the Way Down to the Earth's Mantle (6/30/15 Curbed Los Angeles)

Rose Canyon Fault

Earthquake Institute Warns Of A Big One Hitting San Diego (3/5/20 KPBS)
Rose Canyon earthquake could have ‘devastating consequences’ for San Diego (3/5/20 ABC10)
San Diego would suffer catastrophic damage if Rose Canyon fault produces 6.9 earthquake (3/4/20 San Diego Union-Tribune)

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